Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Foretaste of Things to Come

I have two articles in the works that should be avaialable in the relatively near future. The first is another article on the Trinity and can be expected sooner than the second. The introduction to that article can be read here.

The second is Part II of my "Do Not Be Afraid of Him", the first part of which can be accessed here.
For a little taste of Part II, keep reading.

Do Not Be Afraid of Him - Part II

Having shown in Part One that the prophecy of Deuteronomy 18 was not and could not have been speaking of Muhammad, it remains only to show that the passage really pointed to and was fulfilled in the fullest sense by the Lord Jesus Christ.

As was already pointed out, whatever else may or may not be true of the coming prophet, and whatever other points of comparison there may or may not be between him and Moses, the Chosen One has to be like Moses in at least the following three ways in order to meet the terms of the prophecy: a) he has to be an Israelite; b) he has to speak directly with God; and, c) he has to have a divinely attested ministry marked by miraculous signs and awesome deeds. These are the sine qua non of the prophecy, the bare necessities. If a prophet comes and puts forward all manner of other credentials, however impressive, but fails to meet even one of the aforementioned criteria, let alone all three, he is not that prophet. However, provided a person does in fact meet these criteria, other considerations or comparison may most certainly be made, especially if the points of correspondence are of such an unusual and striking nature as to virtually demand that we see a link between them.

Accordingly, the following will lay out how the Lord Jesus exactly fulfills the terms of the prophecy, and how other points of correspondence between the life and ministry of Moses and Jesus are so arresting that we are compelled to view Moses’ life as a providentially ordered and divinely revealed type or foreshadowing of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The fact that Muhammad did not meet any of the given criteria renders null and void all of the comparisons that Muslims like to draw between Moses and Muhammad. But even if such comparisons are admitted into the discussion, they are easily trounced by those that are found in the case of the Lord Jesus.

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