Monday, May 11, 2009

The World is a Great Big Orphanage; At least According to the Religion of Islam

Muslims consider themselves to be part of one great big "brotherhood". All those who believe in Allah and in Muhammad as Allah's last and final messenger are regarded as brothers and sisters to one another.

However, Muslims deny the Fatherhood of their god, Allah. So the million dollar question is: "If all Muslims are brothers, then who is their father?"

In response, either Muslims must reckon themselves to be orphans in a lonely world, or own up to the fact that they are sons and daughters of someone else. As the old saying goes, this means they are stuck between the Devil and the deep (lonely) blue sea.

James White, PhD in Islamic Studies

In the following, Dr. White expresses his intention to pursue a Ph.D. in Islamic studies.

The irony is that men like Sami, Osama, and other Muslims are the ones who need such an education; Dr. White does quite well debunking them without it. Nevertheless, it is a worthy goal, and I will certainly pray for his studies and most of all the good use he will make of them.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The True Shahada: Defended - Part I & 2


In an article entitled “The True Shahada”, I provided a comparison and contrast between John 17:3, a verse Muslims often see as supportive of their brand of unitarianism, and Islam’s Shahada, which Christians see as a blasphemous denial of the Father and the Son. A Muslim, who prefers to remain nameless – which would otherwise be fine except that in this case it seems calculated to save him (her?) from embarrassment once his underhanded tactics and criminal mishandling of my article was exposed – has provided a “response” to it called “The True Shahada Indeed”, and the reader is encouraged to read both my original article and the purported reply before continuing.

The rest of this article can be read at Answering Islam, at the following link: See Here. For Part Two, See Here. As Always, if you have any thoughts, you may leave them here in the combox.