Monday, May 11, 2009

The World is a Great Big Orphanage; At least According to the Religion of Islam

Muslims consider themselves to be part of one great big "brotherhood". All those who believe in Allah and in Muhammad as Allah's last and final messenger are regarded as brothers and sisters to one another.

However, Muslims deny the Fatherhood of their god, Allah. So the million dollar question is: "If all Muslims are brothers, then who is their father?"

In response, either Muslims must reckon themselves to be orphans in a lonely world, or own up to the fact that they are sons and daughters of someone else. As the old saying goes, this means they are stuck between the Devil and the deep (lonely) blue sea.


Sepher Shalom said...

Tony, this is a really good point!

I never made that connection before. Muslims are constantly calling themselves "brother" and "sister". Who is their father in common then?

Well done. Good observation.

Semper Paratus said...

In an effort to justify the Muslim appeal to a passage like John 17:3, an anonymous Muslim, who I replied to in part two of "The True Shahada: Defended", found a couple of posts ago, tried to say that Muslims believe that Allah is a father in a metaphorical sense. Since this is demonstrably false, for the Qur'an and Hadith not only never call Allah father, but actually deny both explicitly and by necessary consequence any and all reference to Allah as father, it occurred to me that their own sources supply the dilemma to which Christians have always known the answer: Allah is not their father; satan is. If they don't like that, then they confess that they are bastards. It does little good to complain that these are mere insults; there is no other logical alternative.

The fact that Muslims imitate the practices of Satan also shows their spiritual pedigree. Jesus said that those Jews who were trying to kill him were not really children of God or Abraham but were children of the Devil. He said the Devil came to steal, kill, and destroy, and Jesus was at the top of his list; this is something Abraham did not do. Indeed, Abraham would have thrown himself at Christ's feet if he was present at that moment, just like he did millennia before as recorded in Genesis.

When Muslims show themselves to be violently opposed to the truth of Christ as the divine Son of God, they show that Satan is their father. When they pursue believers with all the wrath of Satan, they show that they are children of Satan. In all this, they also give the lie to their claim to be children of Abraham, for Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing Christ's day.

(As an aside, the fact that Abraham is not their father is true in the spiritual sense in view above and even biologically. It is one of their favorite canards to claim descent from Abraham through Ishmael, but they are a long way from proving even that, as if it mattered since it is "through Isaac that your offspring will be called". But the fact is, as said, it is not an established fact at all that Muhammad was an Ishmaelite, though I would certainly grant that in showing himself to be a wild donkey of a man, Muhammad did demonstrate the spiritual characteristics of the same.)

From all this (and more), it appears to be quite evident that it is not God and Abraham that Muslims have any right to claim, but Satan and Ishmael. The latter are the one's through whom Muslims must necessarily trace their spiritual pedigree. It not only follows from premises which they themselves supply (i.e. Allah is not our father; we are all brothers; etc.), but from their actions (i.e. refusing to believe in Jesus as Lord; hating and violently opposing believers; etc.).

The only way of escape is for the Father to translate them out of the kingdom of Satan, into the kingdom of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The only way of escape is to be given the right of adoption through the Lord Jesus. The only way of escape is to receive the Holy Spirit, the spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, "Abba, Father." In other words, apart from the gracious, saving work of the Triune God, Muslims should either own up to the fact that Satan is their father or quit calling one another brothers/sisters. They need to bite the bullet and accept the full implications of their religion.

Sepher Shalom said...

Ok, in a comment over at Answeringmuslims Osama recently referred to Aisha as "mother".

This situation gets even more confusing. If Aisha is "Mother of the believers" what does that make her husband, Muhammad?

Semper Paratus said...

Good point, Sepher.

That observation is all the more complicated by the fact that Muhammad denied being the father of Muslims.

What a tanled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.