Sunday, March 28, 2010

Missing Quotes

Many years ago when I was in a position to avail myself of an excpetionally large theological library, one that well exceeded my own personal library of 4,000 plus books, I took a great many notes, some of which I failed to include all the information for. For example, I have a number of references written down on points of interest from the Babylonian Talmud, but I did not copy out the relevant quotes. I have seen portions of the Talmud online, but not the portions relevant to the references I have. Similarly, I also wrote out some quotes, but failed to copy down the references. To get to the point, I wonder if anyone out there who reads this blog has access to the Babylonian Talmud and could look up a couple of things for me. I have seen that the Babylonian Talmud is now available on CD-Rom and do plan to avail myself of it at my nearest convenience, but since I don't know when that will be anyone who has easy access to it now could be a blessing to me if they would look up the references I have. Please let me know. Thanks.


Sepher Shalom said...

Not sure if this will be of help to you, but there is a 1918 English translation posted online here

Semper Paratus said...

Thanks, Sepher. I will see if that has what I am looking for.

Odo said...

Hello Semper Paratus,

I have access to the Soncico Babylonian Talmud in pdf format and the 1918 Rodkinson edition which I believe comes standard with Bibleworks 8. I would be happy to send you the soncico edition if there is a way to do that through the net, I’m not really internet savvy so you would have to help me on that. You can also just tell me the specific passages in question and I can copy and paste you the passages. I have noticed that there seem to be a few different numbering systems for the Talmud that I don’t really understand (for example the 1918 edition has two Sanhendrins? – if anyone can explain this, ty) but the giant PDF I have always corresponds with what I find on the net when people rip passages out of context and flip them on their head.

Odo said...

Actually I think this website has the full Soncino:

Semper Paratus said...

Thanks, Odo. I haven't been able to check what you and Sepher have sent to me yet to see if those cites have the sections I am looking for, but I really appreciate it.

I am presently working on a real doozy against Islam that may take me a few more weeks to complete, but after that I hope to be able to use the material from the Talmud in some other work I have done.

Thanks again.