Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Open Blog Post To Sami Zaatari: On Genesis 1:26

Sami, your most recent article on Genesis 1:26, which you wrote to attack the Trinity, is so incredibly bad I am beside myself. I would write a response, but your article doesn't come close to tackling what I have already said on the matter here.

In fact, though there is nothing in your article I haven't already responded to in the paper linked above, I have been meaning to add something else to the section of that article dealing with the Muslim objection for quite some time. Thanks for stirring the pot; I will get right on it.
Update (8/24/09): Instead of adding to my original article, I decided to write an entirely different one dedicated to debunking the "Plural of Majesty" explanation. It includes specific material relevant to showing that such an explanation is not at all available to Muslims. That means it is back to the drawing board for dawagandists like Zaatari. It can be found through the following link: here.


Sepher Shalom said...

The funniest thing about Sami's article is that he has actually made two simple observations that support unified-diversity:

1) Elohim is a plural
2) Singular pronouns are attached to the word Elohim

The other thing that is apparent is that when Sami says "literal plurality" he means polytheism, which is exactly what Trinitarians reject in the first place. Elohim is quite literally a plural word in Hebrew. There is no denying this fact. It is the plural of eloah. The only question is, "What does this plural mean?"

What does it mean when a plural word is described with singular pronouns? I don't think Sami is interested in, nor prepared to honestly deal with this question.

Semper Paratus said...


Amen, and Amen.

Sami has written some of the worst antitrinitarian articles I have ever seen. I'm not only mystified that he thinks and reasons the way that he does, but also by the fact that he is not embarrassed to broadcast his incompetence for everyone to see.

Sami really needs to stick to his day job; either that or he needs to stop writing at night when he can't see what the heck he is saying.

Sami, are you really from planet earth? Please tell me this is all a big joke and you really don't believe that the things you write represent cogent criticisms of Christianity?

Yahya Snow said...

Is he aware of this?

Has he responded?



Semper Paratus said...

Not only has Zaatari not responded to this open letter, he has not responded to any of the articles mentioned here or to any of the others I have written.

See the following AI articles:

And the following blog posts all compiled here:

Thanks for your interest. Do encourage Zaatari to either retract his articles or to write an official response to what I have written in response to him.

Yahya Snow said...



If I have time I will try to go through thedialogue and if I consider it intellectually honest I will pick up from where Zaatari left off (going by your response it would seem as thoughZaatarihas no basis...though i have not seen ZaataRI'S work)


Take care