Monday, July 6, 2009

Rashad Khalifa's Killer Finally Found

The murderer of Rashad Khalifa has finally been found and apprehended. Not surprisingly Khalifah's murderer turned out to be a Muslim who didn't appreciate Khalifa claiming to be a prophet after Muhammad (not to mention a number of other things); after all, like all Muslims this murderer believes Muhammad was the greatest guy who ever lived, and since Muhammad's peerless example included killing people who didn't think as highly of him as he thought of himself, well....

Oh yeah, it so happens that it has been nineteen years since the dirty deed was perpetrated; no doubt the Submitters are all abuzz over this. (For those who aren't in the know, the number "19" was a basis for much speculation on Khalifah's part.)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Rashad Khalifa, witness how he contradicted himself twice:

Anthony Rogers said...

Thanks, I will take a gander at the links.

Off the cuff, I am aware of contradictions in Khalifa's views, and even apart from that wouldn't find it surprising that he would contradict himself. After all, he was still trying to defend the Qur'an, even if not in a completely "orthodox" way. Trying to defend the Qur'an necessarily involves one in trying to defend the indefensible and puts one in a good position to make all sorts of blunders along the way.

Noor Hassan said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Assalamu Alaikum,

It seems that the author of the above book Rashad had been doing research on the meaning of words like A.L,M etc., but further reading of his book shows that the scholar had been misusing his findings, to read his own meaning into Quran, instead of interpreting Quran with other related Quranic verses .He is found to have deduced the mathematical code and the common base “19” without any clear criteria. For detailed comments kindly visit:

With love and prayers.
C T Mohamed