Friday, December 4, 2009

Help Get Sam Shamoun a Laptop

Please help get Sam a laptop for Christmas. For more information on this, go here.


Yahya Snow said...

Did Shamoun really really need a new laptop?

Mine is ancient and still functions...

Surely the money raised could have been better spent on Africa etc??? is pretty interesting to note the type of money Christian apologists can make via donations

Yahya Snow said...

I suppose it also represents the enthusiasm of Christians for their faith

I wish Muslims and Christians could combine donations in order to alleviate suffering

More unity is required

Take care

Semper Paratus said...


Since you have a functioning laptop, perhaps you could sell it. Surely the money you would make could be better spent on Africa, etc. What do you think?

Yahya Snow said...

Good idea semper...I guess I could get £10 pound for it (it ison its last legs)

There are keys missing etc but rather than sell it I could just donate 10 quid from my pocket...that wouldbe quicker :)

I ask all christians andMuslims to do what they can

Thanks for the suggestion

I hope Shamoun takes up your suggestion regarding his old laptop..Iwould be willing to purchase his old one...will be England anytime soon?If so..he could bring it to London and offer me a discount:)


Take care brother

Semper Paratus said...

So far as I know, Sam doesn't have an old one to sell, unlike you (that's why he was borrowing David's).

Assuming he had one I think instead of buying it from him you should just give that money to Africa as well.

Also, you can send in your quick donation and then send the money for your present laptop once it sells.

By the way, since you desire more unity, it would go a long way toward that end if you would specify that the money is for Christians in the Sudan.