Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Prophet and the Prophets - Appendix I

The following is an appendix to the below series of articles on Deuteronomy 18:

Do Not Be Afraid of Him - Part I
Do Not Be Afraid of Him - Part II

Appendix I: The Prophet and the Prophets

In its grammatical-historical context, Deuteronomy 18 doesn’t directly predict the coming of one specific individual, at least not in the way that many people surmise.

Whereas Deuteronomy 18 speaks of a “prophet”, singular, the grammatical-contextual usage, in full harmony with the exigencies of Israel’s historical situation, indicates that the word is being used in a collective or distributive rather than in a simple sense, and therefore points not to just one person but to many prophets or an entire order of prophets. In other words, the prophecy/promise of Deuteronomy 18 is about the prophetic office, and is, at least initially, as will be shown, fulfilled in the case of Joshua, Moses’ immediate successor, as well as the long train of Hebrew prophets that God would raise up after him, from Samuel to John the Baptist.


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Yahya Snow said...


It is obvious the clip is from a debate; my intention was to promote the ideas of my friend (Qureshi)...sure, if people want to view the entire thing then they may do so.

I have noted many christians who are extremely selective in what they allow on their mediums...some of whom you know of pass onthe article refuting the gay allegations levelled at Jesus to people who espouse those views...many thanks...we can see this as a common purpose.

I will be looking to conclude on John 1:19 do look out for that

Why is the forum so devoid of Muslim comment nowadays?

Yahya Snow said... you think the pic on your page is in good taste?

Semper Paratus said...


Although I welcome your comments here on the relevant threads, I'm not sure why you replied here rather than on brother Hogan's blog where I made the comments you are responding to.

In any event, I will be watching for your remarks on John 1:19ff.

As for the picture at the top of the website, I think it is in good taste. Surely you know I think Atheists, Satanists, Buddhists, Communists, Muslims, etc., all have their collective heads in the sand.

If you still don't understand you may at least take heart in the fact that I change the picture periodically.

Also, which forum are you referring to? I honestly haven't noticed, unless you mean on the Answering Muslims blog. If you are talking about AM, the reason is in part due to the fact that certain Muslims couldn't behave and were banned.

For example, Osama can't control his tongue, which is a bad thing when you have a dirty mind. He said some especially nasty and pernicious things and got the boot (again).

Yahya Snow said...

I agree with abdallah's ban but mine?

I too was blocked...ask Wood why

I do feel many will see it is as an attempt to avoid Muslim counter-srguments


I welcome your response

Semper Paratus said...


Could you locate the thread for me where you were banned? If you were banned, which I will look into, I would like to know what possibly precipitated it. Thanks.

Yahya Snow said...

OK Semper

As it is you, (you and I get on well, considering) I have trawled Wood's blog to find the last conversation I had with Wood...

I hardly consider it worthy of a banning but I will leave it with you

PS I do not expect any over-turn anytime soon as I have contributed periodically to the blog yet my comments are never approved :(

He is in his right to censor whomever he likes as it is his blog,,,but I must admit it has a touch of ChristianPrince about it and I personally feelit is to prevent counter arguments...but that is just my feeling



Semper Paratus said...


I reviewed the discussion.

I believe there were several other things that preceded this, and this was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back.

My advice:

Osama (and others...even Christians) has been banned and re-admitted before. I think you should send a note to David and express your desire to represent Islam in a responsible and respectable way and ask him to lift the ban.

Yahya Snow said...

Semper.. said:

I believe there were several other things that preceded this

Wood nor yourself mention these other things

I justtake it as Wood not willing to acceptintelligent counter-arguments to his he simply wants an open platform to promote his views without opposition

Semper...I have asked him to review his decision by allowing Nabeel to decide...he has ignored it

I understand you do not want to put him in an awkward position but surely you could have a word...yes?

Like I say brother I have tried...I have even apologised to him though I feel I did nothing untoward

What else apart from you or Nabeel looking into it

I do planto go to one of Adnan's events so I could ask him to email Wood


Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

I have to say: I don't see how Yahya is going to refute the refutation of his own misuse of the prophet in John 1.

If Muslims have been banned from the blog, the reason is not that they pose a danger to the Christian position, but rather that they violate the rules or resort to continuous insult of Christianity or Christians.

Whether Yahya belongs to this category, I simply can't say at this point (have not read all his posts), but he certainly does not pose a danger to the Christian views.

Semper Paratus said...

I agree Hogan.

As far as John 1, I have been waiting so I can bring out the big guns. I have much more to say on the subject.

I know Yahya made some comments about David prior to the specific incident that resulted in his getting banned. David let the personal insults go, giving Yahya a chance, but the last incident was the final straw. That is how I recollect it.

I can't say on what conditions David will let him back. That is solely at his good discretion.

Yahya Snow said...

Brother Hogan...

I would expect you to realise I do not insult Christianity nor posts are respectful

Why do you not view my posts...ask the Christians on the blog concerning my behaviour

They may not agree with me but they will certainly not consider me as a person who should be censored as I am courteous and respectful in my dealings with Christianity...I have a couple of well-known Muslims who will back me up on this

I personally believe their is an effort to shield the newer christians on the bolg from the Muslim argumentation....especially my Video to sister Negeen...David Wood did not even allow it as a response on YouTube!

I can understand the Christian concern though...hence I somewhat respect their censorship in the sense that the christians are doing it out of a sense of duty to their fellow Christians and their faith rather than malice

Brother Hogan...I did explain why I have been delayed in responding to your was explained on Wood's blog...oh, perhaps he did not allow that comment :(


Semper Paratus said...

Yahya, you were banned for behavioral reasons; that isn't the same as censorship. Furthermore, unlike on your blog, your previous comments were not deleted. You were only banned from being able to engage in future attacks on Christians and carrying on like you have reduced Christians to dhimmi status. All the comments you made prior to that were allowed to remain. Too bad the same can't be said for your blog.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Greetings Yahya,

Sorry, I should have got back to you long time ago, but my lung infection, studies, replies to Abdullah Kunde and having to work on my three personal blogs resulted in me not keeping up the contact.

You do not need to worry about replying to my rebutal immediately, take your time bro.

As to the answering-muslim blog, unfortunately I have not read all your posts and your interaction with its writers.

I did write to David Wood about permitting you to continue writing on blog and it seems that you have been given access; I don't know about censurship and so. But I hope all these matters will be solved as quickly as possible so we can move on to proper dialogue.

I hope also you will be able to take up this challenge of Semper concerning the Trinity, this is a vital issue and the dialogue between you two could benefit us all.

I guess the censorship with links on answering-muslim has a number of reasons behind it. Firstly, some links were to websites that contained the risks of internet viruses, such as the blog of Osama Abdallah, I hope he has sorted out the problem. Also many writers simply respond by posting links, hence there is no proper dialogue or personal initiative.

Anyway hope to stay in touch with you in future.

God bless

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yahya Snow said...

Brother Hogan

Thanks for your kindness and efforts

You are a gentleman

Yahya Snow said...


Ihope to have a respectful response posted up within the next hour...before I go out


Anonymous said...

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