Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Some time ago my wife and I discussed the need for a good guard dog for the times when I am away and she and the kids are at home.

At first she wasn't big on the idea, but she eventually agreed. However, we had very different things in mind for the kind of dog we wanted. My main criteria was that it couldn't be a kick-me dog (and the bigger the better); my wife's concern was it had to be good with the kids. That means that I was thinking Mastiff and she was thinking Chihuahua.

After a lot of research we found a breed we agreed on and that met both of our wishes. We agreed to get a Bullmastiff, a really big dog that is known to be very good with kids.

After waiting for some time we finally found a breeder we liked and waited for the puppies to be born so we could choose the one we wanted. I originally wanted a fawn or red-fawn male but the litter only had two males and both were brindle. The rest were girls - there were three of them - but at least they were fawns. Since we didn't want to wait any longer, we chose a female from the three and had her flown from Arkansas to Nevada.

We named her Shiloh. So far she has proved herself to be everything we wanted. She is good with the kids and protective and is growing by leaps and bounds. Here are some pictures for those who are interested.

Here she is as a puppy at about two months old.

Here she is at 5 months

Here she is at 6 months

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