Thursday, June 26, 2008

Neutral Reasoning: Impossible

The notion of neutrality in reasoning is the idea that we can approach ultimate matters or matters of ultimate commitment (such as God's existence, the truth of the Scriptures as the Word of God, the Resurrection of Christ), in a presupposition-less, nobody-knows-as-yet attitude; however, this is impossible for several reasons:

1) The Bible says that all men positively know God and other things related thereto, all denials notwithstanding. This is not neutrality.

2) The Bible says that unbelievers have an axe to grind - i.e., they are committed in advance to misreading everything around them. It also says that believers are to favor a God-oriented view of all things. This is not neutrality.

3) All men, believers and unbelievers, are finite creatures, who, of necessity, must begin their reasoning somewhere. Men will begin either with God or with themselves as ultimate. This is not neutrality.

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